MFH-1620-4 Pleated Media Air Filter (MERV 11)

The Electro-Air MFH-1620-4 is pleated media filter cartridge manufactured in Canada to the highest quality standards. Fits all Honeywell 16" x 20" air cleaners.

Unlike many inexpensive aftermarket filters, the MFH-1620-4 is manufactured with high quality continuous hydrophobic polyolefin fibres that will not shred or absorb moisture. The filters contain no cellulose, which reduces opportunities for mold growth and reduces the use of glue and glue vapours. Because the filter does not allow bacteria to breed, anti-bacterial chemical coatings are not needed. With more filter material than most similar filters, the MFH-1620-4 offers low static pressure drop and better airflow, which places less strain on your furnace and lowers your energy costs.

When installing this filter, ensure that the air flow indicator arrow points towards your furnace or air handler.


Enerplace Part Number: MFH-1620-4
Old Enerplace Part Number: 203-E2-MFH-1620-4
Efficiency Rating: MERV 11
Lifespan: 6 - 12 months
Size (Nominal): 16" x 20" x 5"
Size (Actual): 15-7/8" x 19-3/4" x 4-3/8"

Part Numbers

This filter is sold under the following OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) brand and part numbers:

MFH-1620-4 Electro-Air, Five Seasons
062437000176 UPC Code

This filter can also be used to replace any of the size-equivalent filters listed below. Specifications may differ.

4350 GeneralAire
209894 Honeywell
1028439 Dafco
1028449 Dafco
2400.4718 Indigo
2402.4718 Indigo
5-1620-PR8 BestAir Pro
5-1620-PR8C BestAir Pro
51620 PR8 BestAir Pro
51620 PR8 C BestAir Pro
FC35A1035 Honeywell
FC100A1003 Honeywell
FC200E1003 Honeywell
GA100A03 GeneralAire
HWP16204 Glasfloss
POPUP1620 Honeywell
S1-FM10162005HW Coleman, Luxaire, Source1, York
X0582 Lennox

Used With

This filter fits the following equipment:

EAC denotes an electronic air cleaner. This filter can be used to replace the electronic collection cells, converting the unit into a pleated media air cleaner. The electronic air cleaner must be powered off or have power disconnected if you insert this filter.
Honeywell F25F1075, F35F1032, F50F1149EAC, F100B1008, F100F1004, F100F2028, F150E1000, F200E1003, F200F2028, F300A1620EAC, F300E1001EAC