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Canadian Air Filters

18 x 20 x 1 - Gold Electrostatic Washable Air Filter (Each)

18 x 20 x 1 - Gold Electrostatic Washable Air Filter (Each)

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Limited Lifetime Warranty 


Electrostatic air filters offer numerous benefits, making them an attractive option for maintaining the cleanest indoor air in your home. They can help lower your heating and cooling costs, improve the efficiency of your system, and remove harmful dust, pollen, dust mites, mold, and dander, thereby reducing the need for housecleaning. Besides, they do not require electricity and do not emit ozone, making them environmentally friendly.

The Clean Air Gold Series is a unique electrostatic air filter with several advantages. It informs you when it's time to clean, and it's permanent, never needing replacements. It has a sturdy, custom extruded anodized color aluminum frame and removes all pollutants with a 96.5% arrestance rate, making it an efficient tool for keeping your indoor air clean. It's also easy to use, with a non-toxic plastic pull strap for removal from the furnace. Its high dust and particle holding capacity means you'll never have to purchase another filter again, and it's designed to dry fast when washing. Finally, it's available in all sizes, from standard to custom, ensuring it fits any furnace.



Filter Specifications

Peak Arrestance   96.5%
Initial Resistance  0.18 w.g.
Dust-Holding Capacity  165 grams 



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 Made in Canada 


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