Collection: Greentek HEPA Filter

Our Greentek 463048 Replacement Filter will provide you with the cleanest air your home has ever had. This product is aftermarket Greentek product made by Modern Air Filtration. It fits the Greentek. 

This media air filter replacement is shipped from Canada and is built for Canadian homes.

  • HEPA filter (3rd stage), 11‐1/2" x 15‐1/2" x 2‐1/2". 
  • Fits Coleman S1‐HEPA300; 
  • Fantech HERO  HS300; 
  • Generalaire AC500; 
  • Greentek HS 3.0;
  • Imperial 300T, HS 3.0, IFB6; 
  • Luxaire S1‐ HEPA300; 
  • Premier One HEPA 500, HP500; 
  • Sanuvox S300FX‐GX, S300HFX; 
  • Source1 S1‐ HEPA300;