X6672 / HCF16-16 Pleated Media Air Filter (MERV 16)

OEM Lennox Healthy Climate cartridge pleated media filter, MERV 16. 16" x 25" x 5". Fits Lennox HCC16-28 filter cabinet plus all Honeywell 16" x 25" air cleaners.


Enerplace Part Number: X6672
Old Enerplace Part Number: 203-L5-X6672
Efficiency Rating: MERV 16
Lifespan: 6 - 12 months
Size (Nominal): 16" x 25" x 5"
Size (Actual): 15-3/4" x 24-3/4" x 4-3/8"

Part Numbers

This filter is sold under the following OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) brand and part numbers:

HCF16-16 Lennox
X6672 Lennox

This filter can also be used to replace any of the size-equivalent filters listed below. Specifications may differ.

4352 GeneralAire
203719 Honeywell
1011116 Dafco
1012016 Dafco
1014624 Dafco
1027579 Dafco
1028450 Dafco
0215-HW2940 Filtration Manufacturing
2400.4719 Indigo
2402.4719 Indigo
5-1625-PR8 BestAir Pro
5-1625-PR8C BestAir Pro
5-1625-PR11 BestAir Pro
51625 PR8 BestAir Pro
51625 PR8 C BestAir Pro
AMP-11-1625-4H Amana, Clean Comfort, Goodman
CF100A1009 Honeywell
CF100F1041 Honeywell
CF200A1008 Honeywell
DPH51625M8 Filtration Lab
DPH51625M11 Filtration Lab
DPH51625M13 Filtration Lab
DPHW719 Air Kontrol
F825-0606 White-Rodgers
FC35A1001 Honeywell
FC100A1029 Honeywell
FC100C1009 Honeywell
FC200E1029 Honeywell
GA100A29 GeneralAire
H719.1 True Blue
HCF16-10 Lennox
HCF16-16 Lennox
HWP16254 Glasfloss
MFH-1625-4 Electro-Air, Five Seasons
POPUP1625 Honeywell
S1-FM10162505HW Coleman, Luxaire, Source1, York
X0583 Lennox
X6670 Lennox
X8303 Lennox
X8306 Lennox
X8309 Lennox
X8312 Lennox

Used With

This filter fits the following equipment:

EAC denotes an electronic air cleaner. This filter can be used to replace the electronic collection cells, converting the unit into a pleated media air cleaner. The electronic air cleaner must be powered off or have power disconnected if you insert this filter.
Carrier FILCABCC0016, MPKAXXCC0016
Honeywell F25A1043, F25F1000, F25F1042, F35F1008, F50A1074EAC, F50E1158EAC, F50E1174EAC, F50E1281EAC, F50E6074EAC, F50E8054EAC, F50F1073EAC, F50F1099EAC, F55F1011EAC, F55F1045EAC, F58A1027EAC, F58F1018EAC, F100B1016, F100F1012, F100F2002, F150E1026, F200E1029, F200F2002, F300A1625EAC, F300E1017EAC, F300E1019EAC
Lennox EAC-17-14EAC, EAC-17-14-1EAC, HCC16-28, X6660, Y2920