9902 / 9901 DAX Air Cleaner Detergent Refill Bottle

DAX is a detergent designed to clean all types of electronic air cleaner collection cells. It will strip away pollutants from electronic collecting cells and prefilters in minutes. Simply wet the cells, spray on, wait 5 minutes, rinse and allow to air dry. DAX makes light work of your regular EAC cleaning regimen.

DAX is a non-abrasive, non-corrosive and non-toxic industrial degreaser which can also be used to clean kitchen exhaust grease filters, air conditioning coils and most any tough household dirt.

This product comes in a 4 litre jug suitable for refilling a spray bottle. For first time purchase, the 1 litre spray bottle is more suitable. See Alternative Products at the bottom of this page.


Enerplace Part Number: 9902
Old Enerplace Part Number: 430-E2-9902
Size: 4 litre (approx. 1.05 gallon)

Part Numbers

This filter is sold under the following OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) brand and part numbers:

9901 Amana, Goodman, Totaline
9902 Amana, Electro-Air, Five Seasons, Goodman, Totaline
AEP-FS9902 Amana, Goodman
FS9902 Amana, Goodman
062437099026 UPC Code