90-A-16ME-ET / 90004437 / 90014437 / 92X10 HEPA Filter Cartridge for 16" Easy Twist Air Cleaners

The 90-A-16ME-ET (previously 90004437) is a 16" Easy Twist HEPA cartridge for Amaircare HEPA air cleaners. It traps very fine particulate and is the main filter in the air cleaner.

As one of Amaircare's Perfect Seal HEPA filters, this filter offers true HEPA filtration, collecting 99.97% of particulate at 0.3 microns. Each filter is tested to ensure it meets HEPA standards prior to leaving the factory.

When removing or installing this filter, place your palms on the top of the filter and gently twist. Heavy force is not required.


Enerplace Part Number: 90-A-16ME-ET
Old Enerplace Part Numbers: HEPF-A0-90-A-16ME-ET
Lifespan: 3-5 years
Size (Actual): 16-1/8" High x 13" Diameter

Part Numbers

This filter is sold under the following OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) brand and part numbers:

90-A-16ME-ET Amaircare
92X10 Lennox

This filter can also be used to replace any of the size-equivalent filters listed below. Specifications may differ.

NOTE (1) 9000C837 / 9001C837 was a set of 2 x 90004437 and has been discontinued. Use 2 x 90-A-16ME-ET instead.
90004437 Amaircare, Sears
9000C837(1) Amaircare
90014437 Amaircare
9001C837(1) Amaircare
92X1001 Lennox
94X95 Lennox

Used With

This filter fits the following equipment:

NOTE (1) The Amaircare 3000 was redesigned in late 2015. This filter fits only newer units with the Easy Twist filter design.
NOTE (2) Use of this 90-A-16ME-ET HEPA filter in a 4000VOC CHEM will convert the unit to be a HEPA unit rather than a VOC CHEM unit. You will also need either standard annual filter kit 93-A-16ST00-ET or plus annual filter kit 93-A-16PL02-ET.
NOTE (3) The Amaircare 10000 was redesigned in early 2015. This filter fits only newer units with the Easy Twist filter design.
Amaircare AWW-350, AWW-675, 3000 Easy Twist1, 4000 HEPA CHEM, 4000HV, 4000VOC CHEM2, 6000V, 6000V Cart, 7500 (2 required), 7500 Cart (2 required), 10000 Easy Twist3 (3 required)
Frigidaire FCF350, FCF675
Lennox HEPA-40, HEPA-40-2, HEPA-60, HEPA-60-2
Sanitaire SA6000, SA7000 (2 required)
Sears 4000HV, 6000V