463046 / 101090 Pleated Media Prefilter with Carbon

Pleated media prefilter with integrated carbon pad. Fits all Greentek and Imperial Group HEPA air cleaners. Installs in the top filter slot closest to the air intake.

Your unit may have previously had a separate pleated media prefilter and carbon pad. These two filters are now combined into this one filter, which is the same size and installs into the same slot as the original prefilter. The original carbon pad should be discarded and not replaced. You will now use only two filters: this prefilter above the motor plus the main HEPA filter below the motor.

Note: This product is rebranded for a number of manufacturers. Some manufactures sell this filter individually and some in a package of 2. We sell this filter individually - if you need 2 filters you must specify quantity 2.


Enerplace Part Number: 463046
Old Enerplace Part Numbers: 101090
Lifespan: 4 months
Size (Nominal): 12" x 16" x 2"
Size (Actual): 11-1/2" x 15-1/2" x 1-3/4"

Part Numbers

This filter is sold under the following OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) brand and part numbers:

4610 (set of 2) GeneralAire
101090 Greentek, Imperial Group
463046 Greentek
ARK564 (set of 2) GeneralAire, PremierOne, Skuttle
HMK500 (set of 2) GeneralAire
MSCFTR10 Sanuvox
063467847526 UPC Code

This filter can also be used to replace any of the size-equivalent filters listed below. Specifications may differ.

100511 Prefilter +
100512 Carbon Pad
Greentek, Imperial Group
100563 Greentek, Imperial Group
100624 Greentek, Imperial Group
101677 Greentek, Imperial Group
101815 Prefilter +
101811 Carbon Pad
Greentek, Imperial Group

Used With

This filter fits the following equipment:

Coleman S1-HEPA300
GeneralAire 4600, AC500
Greentek HS 3.0
Imperial Group 300T, HS 3.0
Luxaire S1-HEPA300
PremierOne HEPA 500, HP500
Sanuvox S300FX-GX, S300HFX
Skuttle SKU-HP500
Source1 S1-HEPA300
York S1-HEPA300