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What is Merv 13?

MERV 13 pleated filters are also constructed with synthetic media.  Excellent filtration however, not suitable for most hvac systems due to air flow resistance. Check with your furnace manufacturer to ensure that your system is designed for this type of filter.

If your filter has a high MERV rating, you know it’s highly effective in preventing things like pollen, bacteria and pet dander from circulating throughout your home; however, it may be overly effective in preventing air itself from circulating, which is a bad thing. The end result of less air circulation may be poorer overall air quality in your home. Furthermore, more resistance means more work for your HVAC system. If you’re using a filter with a MERV rating that’s not compatible with your system, inefficiency and high energy costs may be the result. Over the long-term if your HVAC system becomes overworked, you may be faced with costly repairs.